A-Plus SoHo Selene® Luxury Designer Effects is a premium water-based decorative paint inspired by the celestial allure of the moon’s intricate textures and patterns. It is formulated for effortless application and dries fast to a flawless, durable, dust-free finish that boasts a luxuriously smooth modern surface. Each stroke bespeaks a legacy of craftsmanship. Depending on the chosen application technique and style, it creates an enchanting interplay of shadows and highlights that further accentuates the texture. Its versatile nature, whether left in its natural state or mixed with the finest colorants, allows it to seamlessly integrate into any opulent living space. Resilient and durable, this finish epitomizes both luxury and functionality, gracing interior and exterior walls alike with an air of regality. Its finish is one of understated elegance, making it a popular choice for creating an atmosphere of refined luxury in both residential and commercial settings.

☑State of the Art Water-Based Special Effects Paint
☑Ready to Use, Fast-Drying, Non-Sagging
☑Suitable for Interior Use
☑Superior Adhesion, Color Retention, and Durability
☑Water-Tight, Scratch Resistant
☑Does Not Crack, Good Sanding Capability
☑Tintable to Thousands of Color Effects
☑Lead-Free, Non-Toxic, Easy to Clean