A-Plus All Weather® is a premium water-based decorative and protective paint with 100% Acrylic waterproofing and Elastomeric properties ideal for all interior/exterior walls and ceilings made of concrete, properly primed metals, and wood. It is self–priming and finishes to a medium gloss, flexible, elastic, and seamless homogeneous coating that covers hairline cracks and crevices and can withstand extreme tropical weather conditions. It has excellent adhesion, hiding power, color retention, flexibility, as well as low dirt pick-up properties which makes it the paint of choice for most architectural painting jobs.

☑100% Premium Acrylic Elastomeric Paint
☑Excellent Hiding, Color Retention, and Adhesion
☑Self-Priming, Flexible & Elastic, Covers Cracks and Crevices
☑Interior & Exterior, Seamless Semi-Gloss Finish
☑Superior Water, UV, and Weathering Resistance
☑Low Dirt Pickup & Easy to Clean
☑Lead-Free, Environment Friendly
☑Available in 56 Factory-Mixed Colors