A-Plus Fresh&Green® Odor-less Anti-Bacterial Paint is a premium water-based decorative interior paint that cures to a semi-gloss elegant finish. Its unique formulation prevents the growth of bacteria, molds, and viruses which makes it highly recommended for painting indoor areas where sanitation and good hygiene are top priority. Aside from being virtually free from irritating paint odour, it also has low VOC and does not contain harmful heavy metals like Lead and Mercury, making it a truly safe and eco-friendly paint.

☑Premium Odorless Interior Wall and Ceiling Paint
☑Excellent Hiding, Durability, and Color Retention
☑Elegant Medium Gloss Finish
☑Low Dirt Pick-up, Easy to Clean
☑Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, and Anti-Mildew Paint
☑Low VOC, Lead-Free, Environment Friendly
☑Available in 42 Factory-Mixed Colors