A-Plus SoHo Granula® Textured Sand Finishes is a premium water-based decorative paint that combines the charm of rustic sandy textures with the brilliance of metallic effects. This unique formulation creates a texture reminiscent of fine sands, offering a subtly coarse yet consistently even finish. The finish is fully customizable, allowing for a rough, tactile surface or a flawlessly troweled smoothness, based on your desired aesthetic. Engineered for easy application and swift drying, it guarantees a durable, dust-free result, boasting a luxuriously modern look. Perfect for interior concrete surfaces, A-Plus SoHo Granula® exudes sophistication, making it the ultimate choice for discerning homeowners. Transform your walls into a masterpiece of rustic metallic opulence, radiating prestige and perfection.

☑State of the Art Water-Based Special Effects Paint
☑Ready to Use, Fast-Drying, Non-Sagging
☑Suitable for Interior Use
☑Superior Adhesion, Color Retention, and Durability
☑Water-Tight, Scratch Resistant
☑Does Not Crack, Good Sanding Capability
☑Tintable to Thousands of Color Effects
☑Lead-Free, Non-Toxic, Easy to Clean