Painting the Filipino dream, one house at a time.

A-Plus Paint’s story is one of passion, trust, and vision,
A passion deeply rooted with our commitment to produce goods of high-value.
From forging trust through handshakes with our partners,
To decorating every Filipino home with our reliable products,
A-Plus Paints will always be part of your journey.
Exciting today’s present with colors of tomorrow’s future,
This, is our story.


To be the paint of choice for every Filipino home by offering world-class quality products that stem from our genuine passion and pursuit for excellence.



To provide great value products and services that will delight our customers and secure their trust and loyalty. We pledge to continually explore opportunities for business and product development leading to market competitiveness and optimum performance. To be responsive to the ever-changing needs and demands of our trusted partners.


To remain committed to our word of honor which serves as our foundation. Forged by the symbolic handshake, we pledge to maintain consistent and reliable products and services, perform and exceed partner expectations, and address to our best capabilities the needs and specifications of our clients. We strive to understand our customers fully to bridge the gap between what they need and what we can provide.


To become the supplier of choice for all our customers and to serve them with the highest standard of quality and the best of services. Through instensive research, selection of high grade imported raw materials, and stringent quality control; we aim to provide the best value products for our trusted partners.


To motivate our people to bring about significant contributions in their fields of expertise by engaging them to work in a dynamic, family-oriented, and challenging atmosphere.

To sustain an organization of highly qualified and dedicated people by providing them continuous opportunities for career advancement and individual upliftment.

To develop an image that our people could relate to through a sense of belongingness, a sense of interest and a sense of pride that they are an integral part of a respected and progressive company.


To enhance stakeholders value by upholding business excellence through sustainable professional strategies leading towards market competitiveness.

To maintain a working environment that reflects quality and professionalism as a way of life.

To adopt a sincere approach and fairness in all aspects in the way we treat our employees, in dealings with all our business partners, in our social responsibility towards the community where we operate and care for the environment.


About A-Plus With over 30 years of experience in the Paint industry

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we guarantee to provide the best quality product that suits your needs

Our passion for excellence fuels our drive to continuously innovate and improve our product formulations to bring new and advanced technology at your reach

Our pursuit of perfection leads us to use only the finest and high-grade raw materials to ensure that you get only the best valued products

We continue to forge our business relationships with trust and mutual understanding, which shows from our growing 3,000 strong business partners&dealers nationwide