A-Plus Aqua Enamel® is a premium water-based modified Alkyd paint formulated as an alternative to traditional solvent-based Alkyd Enamel paints. It has a faster curing time and low VOC as compared to its solvent-based counterpart. It imparts a smooth high gloss finish that is resistant to alkali, chemicals, and abrasion. This environment-friendly paint is highly suitable for both interior and exterior household surfaces on wood and primed metals.

☑Premium Water-Based Alkyd Modified Paint

☑Suitable for Interior and Exterior Use

☑Easy to Use, Fast-Drying, Non-Yellowing

☑Glossy and High Build Coating

☑Superior Adhesion, Color Retention, and Durability

☑Lead-Free, Non-Toxic, Easy to Clean

☑Available in 20 Factory-Mixed Colors