A-Plus PolyMega® 1K Water-Based Polyurethane Wood Varnish is a highly durable, mar and abrasion resistant, non-yellowing, clear wood varnish. It has completely zero-odor and virtually no VOC while having the same durability and UV resistance properties of its solvent-based counterpart which makes it the choice of varnish for household wooden furniture, doors, parquet flooring and many more.

☑Water-Based Polyurethane Modified Resin System
☑Ready-to-Use, 1-Component Clear Varnish
☑Easy-to-Apply, Fast Drying
☑Excellent Flow and Levelling Properties
☑Superior Resistance to UV, Scratch, and Chemical Spills
☑Low VOC, Environmental Friendly
☑Comes in Matte and Gloss Finishes
☑Ideal for Household Wooden Furniture and Floors