A-Plus Floor Shield® High-Build 2k Polyurethane Parking Floor Coating is a two-component solvent-based polyurethane floor coating known for its superior durability and extreme abrasion and chemical resistance. It is easy to apply and cures fast to a non-slip glossy film that can withstand abrasion, water, chemicals, and UV exposure. It is the choice of paint best used for parking flooring where frequent exposure to chemicals and high friction occurs.

Two-Component, Polyurethane-Based Coating
Easy-To-Apply, Non-Slip, Fast Drying
Superior Resistance to Alkali, UV Exposure, Chemicals, and Weathering
Excellent Abrasion and Chemical Resistance
High Gloss, Easy to Maintain, Waterproof
For Interior and Exterior Use
Ideal for Parkings, Industrial Plants, Warehouses, and many more