A-Plus SoHo Aestetika® Modern Concrete Finishes is a premium water-based decorative paint that effortlessly achieves a modern, minimalistic Venetian stucco finish. It dries swiftly, leaving behind a dust-free, luxuriously smooth contemporary surface that speaks of expert craftsmanship. The application technique and style enhances the texture, creating a captivating interplay of shadows and highlights. Whether in its natural state or blended with premium colorants, it seamlessly integrates into opulent living spaces. This resilient finish embodies both luxury and functionality, gracing walls indoors and out with regal sophistication. Its understated elegance is the preferred choice for infusing refined luxury into residential and commercial settings.

☑State of the Art Water-Based Special Effects Paint

☑Ready to Use, Fast-Drying, Non-Sagging

☑Suitable for Interior Use

☑Superior Adhesion, Color Retention, and Durability

☑Water-Tight, Scratch Resistant

☑Does Not Crack, Good Sanding Capability

☑Tintable to Thousands of Color Effects

☑Lead-Free, Non-Toxic, Easy to Clean