A-Plus® Fast-Drying Plastic Wood Filler is a durable Lacquer-type plastic wood filler intended for repairing/filling gaps and surface imperfections on wood. It is easy to apply, fast-drying, exhibits good sanding properties, and is compatible with Lacquer-based coatings and wood varnishes. To achieve various shades, tint using A-Plus® Wood Stains.

☑High Solids Lacquer-Based Wood Filler
☑Easy to Apply, Fast Drying
☑Excellent Adhesion Sanding Properties
☑Superior Durability and Adhesion
☑Does Not Crack or Shrink
☑Can be Tinted with A-Plus® Wood Stains
☑Ideal for Wooden Floor Parquets, Doors, Furnitures, and many more!