A-Plus A&B® Crystal Clear Laminating Epoxy is a professional grade 2-component self-levelling pure epoxy resin that is mostly used for wood works, rivertables, table countertops, as well as for flooring applications. It cures to a crystal clear glossy material that is extremely hard, durable, and resistant to abrasion, chemical spills, and UV exposure. It is formulated to have a fast curing time where prolonged workability is not required.

☑100% Solids, Superior Strength, Durability, and Hardness
☑Specialized Crystal Clear Laminating Epoxy
☑Achieve up to 9000psi Compressive Strength(ASTM D695)
☑Excellent Resistance to Water and Spillage of Chemicals and Oils
☑Easily Sandable and Spreadable, Up To 1/2″ Thick
☑Compatible with Metallic Pigments and Dyes
☑For Rivertables, Woodcraft, and other Marine Applications