A-Plus A&B® All Purpose Marine Epoxy Adhesive is a multi-purpose high-strength 2-component epoxy adhesive ideal for marine and industrial construction works and repair. It exhibits superior bonding properties on various materials such as concrete, metal, wood, fiberglass, ceramics and many more. It bonds and cures to a very strong material resistant to seawater, chemicals, weathering, and mechanical abuse. It will even adhere and cure over damp surfaces. A-Plus A&B® All Purpose Marine Epoxy Adhesive is sandable and can be used as a putty for correcting and smoothing out surface imperfections.

☑100% Solids, Superior Strength, Durability, and Adhesion
☑General Purpose Epoxy Adhesive
☑Achieve up to 9000psi Compressive Strength(ASTM D695)
☑Excellent Resistance to Water, UV, and Spillage of Chemicals and Oils
☑Easily Spreadable and Sandable
☑Hardens, Toughens, and Improves Surface Against Mechanical Abuse and Impacts