A-Plus® Skim Coat 501 Setting-Type Smooth Rendering Paste is a high performance bonding paste designed to be mixed with cement or gypsum powder then applied on concrete substrates to smoothen and correct surface imperfections prior to painting. This product, once mixed with cement or gypsum powder, forms a setting-type thin plaster that imparts a luxuriously smooth and very durable finish for concrete walls and ceilings. Mix with cement powder for skim coating of exterior or heavily-exposed substrates. Use gypsum powder for indoor areas only.

☑Designed to be Mixed with Cement
☑Better Bonding Strength, Hardness, and Durability
☑Ideal for Visible Minor Surface Imperfections on Finished Concrete
☑Fixes Wall Imperfections from 0.3 – 4.0 mm Thick
☑Prevents Hairline Cracks, Increase Hiding and Sanding Capability
☑Improves Alkali and Water Resistance
☑Excellent Non-Sag Properties Resulting to Easy Workability on both Vertical and Overhead Applications
☑Ideal for Long-lasting Durable Coatings