A-Plus® Skim Coat 503 Ready-To-Use Smooth Rendering Paste is a premium ready-to-use thin plaster ideal for smoothing and correcting minor surface imperfections on concrete substrates prior to painting. This product imparts a luxuriously smooth and durable finish for both indoor and outdoor concrete walls and ceilings. It exhibits superior adhesion, easy sandability, and water-tightness. It is ready-to-use, which leads to savings on cost and labor and prevents backjobs arising from uneven mixing ratios and poor quality mix. It is resistant to minor hairline cracks, and is compatible with most architectural paints, thereby making it the preferred choice of skim coat among contractors and painting works.

☑READY-TO-USE, No Need to Add Water
☑Flexible, High Bonding Strength and Durability
☑Fixes Wall Imperfections from 0.3 – 2.0 mm thick
☑Prevents Micro Hairline Cracks
☑Increase Hiding and Sanding Capability
☑Excellent Alkali, Water, and Weather Resistance
☑Super Smooth Finish Ideal for Long-lasting Durable Coatings