A-Plus® Gypsum Putty is a ready-mixed, all-purpose, water-based jointing compound suitable for a wide range of substrates like gypsum boards, fiber cement boards, wood, concrete, and other similar surfaces. It is used for non-structural joint filling, patching, and leveling surface irregularities like cracks, dents, nail holes, and many more. It is specially formulated to be crack and shrink resistant and dries fast to a smooth and easily sandable finish.

☑READY-TO-USE, No Need to Add Water
☑High Bonding Strength and Durability
☑Prevents Hairline Cracks
☑Increased Adhesion and Sanding Capability
☑Excellent Alkali, Water, and Weather Resistance
☑Super Smooth Finish Ideal for Long-lasting Durable Coatings