A-Plus Water-Check® Negative Pressure Concrete Waterproofer is a premium heavy-duty liquid-type waterproofing membrane designed to withstand both positive and negative side water pressure. It is a 1-component coating formulated to resist blistering, bulging, and loss of adhesion even with the presence of moisture from beneath the surface. Once cured, it forms a superior membrane capable of holding out against harsh weather conditions and water seapage from both sides of the substrate. A-Plus Water-Check® is the professional choice for negative waterproofing of below grade basements, cistern tanks, hard to reach areas, high-rise buildings, and many more.

☑Heavy-Duty Positive and Negative Side Waterproofing
☑Liquid-Type Membrane, Easy-To-Apply, One Component Formula
☑Long-Term Waterproofing Solution
☑Flexible, Weathering and UV Resistant
☑Completely Seals Off Moisture
☑Resists Mildew and Other Paint Problems
☑Does Not Crack, Fade, or Debond
☑Low VOC, Environment Friendly