A-Plus® Concrete Bond is a premium heavy-duty Acrylic polymer based cement modifier formulated for positive side waterproofing. It exhibits excellent adhesion and cures to become an integral part of the concrete, thus providing a strong and durable, UV resistant, impenetrable waterproofing membrane that prevents water seepage and reinforces concrete strength. It is highly recommended for both horizontal and vertical surfaces like roof decks, basements, bathroom floorings, firewalls, water tanks, and many more.

☑Heavy-Duty 2K Cementitious Positive Side Waterproofing
☑Long Term Waterproofing Solution
☑Excellent Adhesion and Flexibility
☑Weathering and UV Resistant
☑Completely Seals Off Moisture and Water
☑Does Not Crack, Fade, or Debond
☑Low VOC, Environment Friendly