A-Plus Water-Check® Concrete Instant Plug is a heavy-duty quick-setting plugging cement mortar designed to immediately seal and block off moisture and running water from leaks and cracks. It is supplied in powder form and requires the addition of water to form a homogeneous paste. As it sets within minutes, this product expands and gains structural strength, adhesion, and water tightness while withstanding constant water pressure. It is ideal for sealing leaks prior to applying waterproof renderings or membranes which contributes to better overall waterproofing strengh of the structure. Use this product for wall joints, crack and leak repairs, and many more.

Easy to Apply, Instant Plugging Mortar
Instantly Stops Leaks, Repairs Within Minutes
Long Term Waterproofing Solution
Heavy-Duty, Chloride-Free, Non-Corrosive
Completely Seals Off Moisture and Water
Cost Effective, Does Not Crack or Wash Away
Non-Toxic, Environment Friendly