A-Plus Water-Check® Negative Pressure Crystalline Waterproofer is a premium heavy-duty crystalline capillary waterproofing system. It is a blend of fine grade mineral silicates that are designed to penetrate and chemically react with the surface to form insoluble crystals that block concrete capillary pores. When fully reacted, it can penetrate to a depth of up to 30cm and can withstand over 100 meters of head pressure. The formation of crystals on the concrete pores allows it to be integrally compact and completely watertight. Its self-healing action can cover up to 0.5mm of hairline cracks and can withstand both positive and negative side water pressure even with the presence of moisture from beneath the surface. Once cured, it forms a permanent barrier capable of holding out against harsh weather conditions and water seapage from both sides of the substrate. A-Plus Water-Check® is the professional choice for negative waterproofing of below grade basements, cistern tanks, swimming pools, hard to reach areas, high-rise buildings, and many more.

Heavy-Duty Negative and Positive Side Waterproofing
Crystalline Powder-Type, Easy-To-Apply
Permanent Waterproofing Solution
Prevents Corrosion on Reinforcing Bars
Self-Healing, Weathering and UV Resistant
Completely Seals Off Moisture and Water
Does Not Crack, Shrink, or Dissolve
Low VOC, Environment Friendly