A-Plus Water-Check® Foot Traffic PUD Waterproofing Membrane is a premium ready-to-use Polyurethane-modified waterproofing membrane. It is foot-trafficable and cures fast to a seamless and monolithic waterproofing material that is tough, flexible, durable, abrasion and UV resistant. This product is ideal for roof decks, balconies, terraces, canopies, facades, firewalls as well as wet areas such as toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, and many more.

Heavy-Duty Water-Based PUD Waterproofing
Long-Term Positive Side Waterproofing
Flexible and Elastic, Foot Trafficable
Ready-To-Use, No Need to Add Cement or Water
Superior Resistance to Abrasion, Weathering, and UV Exposure
Completely Seals Off Moisture and Water
Does Not Crack, Fade, or Debond
Low VOC, Environment Friendly
Available in factory mixed colors