A-Plus Crenax® Wet-Look Polishing Gloss is a state of the art nanoparticulate surface hardener that chemically reacts and penetrates deeply within the concrete pores to form an extremely strong, dense, and glossy finish that is highly resistant to abrasion, chemicals, dusting, and water. The resulting reaction exhibits superior gloss and leaves behind an extremely hard invisible barrier that preserves the natural look of concrete and allows it to breathe out vapors. This product is ideal for long-term protection of concrete floors and surfaces such as warehouses, showrooms, commercial spaces, and many more.

☑Easy to Apply, Fast Drying Deep Penetration
☑Superior Wet-Look Gloss Finish
☑Used For Both Fresh and Old Concrete
☑Increases Hardness and Abrasion Resistance
☑Excellent Water and Oil Repellency
☑Fortifies Concrete Surface and Eliminates Dusting
☑Protects and Maintains Natural Surface Appearance
☑Permanent & Irreversible Surface Hardening Reactions