A-Plus Concrete Solution® Type-G Water Reducing & Retarding Cement Admix is a new generation admixture using Polycarboxylate Ether(PCE) that provides concrete fluidity at substantially reduced water content to concrete mix designs. Reduced water content while allowing excellent workability results to significant increase in concrete strength and durability. This product is formulated for extended slump retention and workability of mixed concrete which prevents early hydration during hot weather conditions at no compromise in concrete performance.

☑Set Retarding and Water Reducing Admixture

☑Prevents Premature Gelling/Early Setting of Concrete

☑Up to 30% Water Reduction on Concrete Mix Design

☑Ideal for Irregular Shaped/Small Spaced Formworks

☑Enhancement of Concrete-Mix Flow and Workability

☑Does Not Contain Calcium Chloride or Corrosive Chemicals

☑Maximizes Overall Tensile-Flexural-Compressive Strength of Concrete

☑Big Savings on Productivity and Cost of Projects