A-Plus Concrete Solution® Intergral Waterproofing Cement Admix is a new generation admixture formulated using Polycarboxylate Ether(PCE) and synthetic fibers. It works both as a water reducing admixture and waterproofing solution for concrete mix designs. When cured, the resulting concrete exhibits increase overall strength and superior water tightness/impermeability. It is the ideal waterproofing solution for use on critical wet areas such as bathroom, firewalls, swimming pools, underground basements, and many more.

☑New Generation Polycarboxylate Ether(PCE) Admixture

☑Integrally Forms A Waterproof Substrate

☑Prevents Premature Gelling/Early Setting of Concrete

☑Up to 30% Water Reduction on Concrete Mix Design

☑Enhancement of Concrete-Mix Flow and Workability

☑Maximizes Overall Tensile-Flexural-Compressive Strength of Concrete

☑Big Savings on Productivity and Cost of Projects

☑Ideal For Wet Areas Such as Firewalls, Pools, Bathrooms, and many more