A-Plus Procrete® High Visco Construction Epoxy is a thermosetting construction epoxy also known as a heavy-duty “concrete putty.” It is used for anchoring, bonding, caulking, grouting, repairing concrete, and other types of construction works where superior bonding is required. It has superior adhesion and cures to a very strong material resistant to water, chemical spills, temperature extremes, and mechanical abuse.

☑100% Solids Construction Epoxy
☑Cures to an Extremely Tough, Hard, and Durable Bonding Material
☑Superior Adhesion and Does Not Shrink
☑Cures Even in Damp Conditions
☑Highly Viscous, Vertical and Horizontal Application
☑Fast curing, Easy Workability
☑Ideal Bonding and Repair Adhesive for Most Construction Works