A-Plus Tempra Shield® Fire Retardant Paint is a premium water-based architectural paint designed to delay the spread of fire by providing flame suppression and insulation at the paint’s surface. Under exposure to extreme heat, the paint undergoes a chemical reaction that releases flame suppressive materials that can significantly delay and reduce the damaging effects of fire. This product is environment and health friendly; does not contain lead and other hazardous heavy metals, and does not contain any harmful and toxic halogen-based chemicals found in other fire retardant paints.

☑Ready to Use, Water-Based, Fast Drying

☑New Generation Fire Retarding Technology

☑ASTM E-84(UL723) Class A Rating Certified

☑Professional Grade Formula

☑Fast Drying, Can Serve as Primer or Topcoat

☑Superior Adhesion & Durability

☑Alkali-Resistant, Non-Flaking, Non-Chalking, Non-Cracking

☑Ideal for Interior and Exterior Application

☑Eco-Friendly, Lead-Free