Hanscoat® 2K Polyurethane Spray Filler is a professional grade 2-component Polyurethane primer surfacer that exhibits excellent filling, sanding, and anti-corrosion properties over deep sandmarks and surface imperfections. It is used prior to application of basecoat or topcoat paint. Its unique formula utilizes high grade resin and carefully selected anti-corrosion pigments which makes it the most ideal for cars, vehicles, and other transport ships. It adheres well to galvanized iron, stainless steel, black iron, aluminum, tin, brass, bronze, glass, plastics, and many more.

☑Utilizes the Technology of Modified 2K Polyurethane Paint System
☑Excellent Wash-Over Primer Surfacer for Acrylic and Urethane Systems
☑Outstanding Anti-Corrosion, Filling, and Sanding Properties
☑Formulated Using High Grade Resins
☑High-Build Film, Eliminate Splotches and Mapping
☑Easily Coverable by Topcoat Painting Systems