Hanscoat® Automotive Pure Acrylic Basecoat Colors is a premium 1-component solvent-based Thermoplastic Acrylic type coating that is designed to protect vehicles long-term from the rigors of harsh environment conditions. It cures fast to a long-lasting glossy finish that exhibits excellent protection against UV exposure, chemicals, and abrasion. It has superior color retention which makes it ideal for refinishing industries and in newly-assembled vehicles for use in land, air, and sea transportation.

☑1-Component Thermoplastic Acrylic System
☑Utilizes the Technology of Pure Thermoplastic Acrylic Paint System
☑Superior Long Lasting Gloss and Color Retention
☑Formulated Using High Grade Performance Pigments
☑Reinforced with UV Absorber and Light Stabilizer
☑Withstands Extreme Sunlight and Weather Conditions
☑Wide Color Selection Provides Easy Matching with Different Color Spectrums