A-Plus Sea Master® Marine Epoxy Enamel Paint is a 2-component heavy-duty premium marine paint uniquely formulated for the demanding and harsh conditions experienced by vessels and structures in frequent contact with seawater. It finishes to a hard, glossy, high-build coating that exhibits superior resistance against salt-water and various chemicals like fuel and engine oil as well as having outstanding protection and durability against corrosion and degradation. A-Plus Sea Master® Marine Epoxy Enamel is waterproof and adheres well to most common materials for marine application such as aluminum, fiberglass, steel, wood, and many more.

☑Premium 2-Component Epoxy-Based System
☑Long Term Protection Against Abrasion and Rusting
☑High Solids Glossy Marine Coating
☑Superior Durability, Hardness, and Adhesion
☑Excellent Resistance to Seawater, Chemicals, Oils
☑Suitable for Wood, Aluminum, Steel, Fiberglass, and many more
☑Available in 15 Factory-Mixed Colors
☑Lead-Free, Safe For Marine Life