A-Plus Sea Master® Marine Anti-Corrosive Primer is a premium 2-component heavy-duty marine primer exhibiting superior anti-corrosive properties. Its unique combination of high grade resin and pigments gives it superior long term performance and protection for bare substrates made of aluminum, wood, steel, fiberglass, and many more. It has excellent adhesion and sandability which makes it an ideal primer and intermediate coating for A-Plus Sea Master® Marine Coatings.

☑2-Component Epoxy Primer System
☑Long Term Protection Against Abrasion and Rusting
☑Superior Durability, Hardness, and Adhesion
☑Excellent Resistance to Seawater, Chemicals, Oils
☑Outstanding Anti-Corrosive Properties
☑Suitable for Wood, Aluminum, Steel, Fiberglass, and many more
☑Lead-Free, Safe For Marine Life