A-Plus Sea Master® Anti-Fouling Paint is a heavy-duty marine paint formulated for use on all areas of the vessel/ship that are submerged under seawater. It significantly improves overall vessel performance and durability by retarding the growth and attachment of marine organisms on the underwater hulls.

A-Plus Sea Master® Anti-Fouling Self-Polishing Paint is designed using the newest self-polishing marine paint technology. It is formulated based on a unique binder combination system that ensures an active surface that constantly protects against marine fouling. Self-polishing is necessary for perfect sailing as it is more difficult to keep the hull clean once fouling starts. Fouling leads to loss of speed, increased fuel consumption, and damage to the paint system. A-Plus Sea Master® Anti-Fouling Self-Polishing Paint enables underwater marine organisms and grime to wash away by itself due to its active surface and the current/friction caused by water as the vessel moves, thereby making it the professional choice for high-end vessels, boats, yachts, and ships, where aesthetics, functionality, performance, and protection is desired.

☑Long-term Protection of Underwater Hulls
☑Retards up to 4,000 Different Types of Species that cause Marine Fouling
☑Reduces and Prevents Any Algae or Slime Fouling
☑Maximizes Speed, Fuel, and Overall Performance by Reducing Friction Underwater
☑Excellent Resistance to Seawater, Chemicals, Oils
☑Suitable for Wood, Aluminum, Steel, Fiberglass, and many more
☑Lead-Free, Safe For Marine Life