Glazer Galva-Plus® Epoxy Primer is a premium quality, two-component, Epoxy primer system made from high grade Epoxy resin and carefully selected pigments to give it maximum performance in terms of durability, adhesion, and protection. Its superior corrosion, abrasion, chemical, and alkali resistance makes it the ideal primer for long-term protection of bare substrates of metal, wood, and concrete surfaces. Glazer Galva-Plus® Epoxy Primer adheres to most construction materials and is specially designed for heavy-duty industry, building, and marine applications.

☑2-Component Epoxy Primer System
☑Long Term Protection Against Abrasion and Rusting
☑Superior Durability and Adhesion
☑Excellent Resistance to Chemicals, Alkali, and Acid
☑Outstanding Anti-Corrosive Properties